8 Reasons Why We Are Cincinnati’s Best for Laser Hair Removal

If you’re considering laser hair removal, you’re probably wondering WHERE to get it done. Lots of options out there. We’re here to give you a few — well, eight to be exact — reasons why Wolf Medical is the place to go as you make your decision about where to go!

1. Experience. Dr. Bradley Wolf has been in practice since 1990 — now specializing in hair restoration and laser hair removal — so it’s safe to say that Wolf Medical ...

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Chatting Laser Hair Removal with Cincy Chic

Having thick healthy hair where you want it, and removing it where you don’t, can be a hairy situation. We chat with local experts about the latest and greatest techniques.

Hair — there’s usually more of it in the places you don’t want, and less where you do.

That’s where Wolf Medical can help. This privately-owned medical clinic offers surgical and non-surgical solutions to hair loss and also laser hair removal. The practice is owned by Dr. Bradley Wolf, a physician with nearly 30 years of ...

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