Chatting Laser Hair Removal with Cincy Chic

Having thick healthy hair where you want it, and removing it where you don’t, can be a hairy situation. We chat with local experts about the latest and greatest techniques.

Hair — there’s usually more of it in the places you don’t want, and less where you do.

That’s where Wolf Medical can help. This privately-owned medical clinic offers surgical and non-surgical solutions to hair loss and also laser hair removal. The practice is owned by Dr. Bradley Wolf, a physician with nearly 30 years of experience in hair-related fields.

“Wolf Medical is in business to help people,” says Christee Osadchy, Patient and Public Relations Specialist at Wolf Enterprises. “We offer an array of options and answers that we provide to people who suffer from hair loss, as well as those looking for hair removal.”

Osadchy says that while hair loss may seem trivial to some, to others, it can have a significant impact on their quality of life. Because of this, according to Osadchy, Wolf Medical works individually with each patient to to provide the education they need to make informed decisions for them.

“We take pride in helping our patients regain confidence and achieve their hair goals,” adds Osadchy.

Dr. Wolf has practiced surgical hair restoration since 1990 and is currently the co-editor of the International Society of Hair Restoration. Working alongside him is in-house laser technician Kelly Ott-Statzer. According to Osadchy, Ott-Statzer is a state-licensed cosmetic therapist who has been in practice for almost five years.

“Wolf Medical is proud to have her as our laser technician. She is professional, passionate, and knowledgeable when it comes to her work and patients,” Osadchy says.

What’s unique about Wolf Medical’s laser hair services, Osadchy says, is that patients pay by the session rather than by the package. When asked why, Osadchy says that it’s because they recognize the importance of customization.

“Each patient has their own goals they wish to achieve, so a treatment plan will be designed specifically for each patients,” she explains. “We believe in up-front pricing and only paying for services you receive.”

And to help you determine the number of sessions you may need for treatments such as laser hair removal, Osadchy says that consultations are done directly with Dr. Wolf or Ott-Statzer.

Osadchy says that adding laser hair removal to the list of services offered at Wolf Medical have been popular among patients. “The burden it takes off our patients’ shoulders to not have to shave daily or wax regularly has been a great one,” she says. “Our patients are very happy with their results.”

Patients have also increased their requests for a surgical hair restoration procedure called FUE. “This is a technique that uses a small punch to extract the follicular units (grafts) that are to be transplanted,” explains Osadchy. “The popularity of FUE has grown due to its minimally invasive nature in the way hair follicles are removed.”

There’s a new treatment offered at Wolf Medical called Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP). “PRP is a non-surgical treatment option,” says Osadchy. “We have seen success with increased hair density in patients that have received PRP.”

Wolf Medical is located at 11877 Mason Road in Cincinnati. To book an appointment or consultation over the phone, call 513-774-0400.

To learn more about Wolf Medical, visit their website. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Watch as our Editor-in-Chic shares a review about why she chose Wolf Medical for her laser hair removal.