Candela® GentleLase Plus

At Wolf Medical, we use the Candela® GentleLase Plus.

Lasers have been used for cosmetic purposes for many years now, but the technology has evolved a great deal. With Candela, we are able to offer our clients highly advanced laser treatments that provide maximum comfort, shorter treatments, and as few sessions as possible.

The Candela GentleLase Plus provides for a safer, more effective laser treatment, with features such as pulse duration variance and easy spot sizing. Candela combines the largest spot size available, along with a very effective method of epidermal cooling. This results in the quicker procedures and greater patient comfort.

“I have 20-30 different lasers, and a lot of these do hair removal, but I keep going back to the GentleLase. It continues to be my go-to laser for hair removal, no matter how many hair removal lasers I try.”
-Thomas E. Rohrer, MD
Massachusetts dermatologist

A simple beam of laser light penetrates the hair follicle, destroying it at its root. Non-invasive, simple, safe, fast.

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