Hair transplants resolve a variety of hair loss problems. Although hair transplants do not actually stop hair loss, once hair is transplanted, it is typically permanent.

Our entire office staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality hair transplants for the most optimal results possible. Based on our reputation for excellence, patients travel from all over the country to visit Wolf Medical in Cincinnati. In order to provide the utmost quality, we do not perform a high volume of procedures.

Dr. Wolf and Dr. Welden are active in every procedure they perform and personally places many of the hair grafts into the scalp, assuring that the transplants are perfectly placed. They are supported by a permanent team that is thorough and patient centered. Since only one procedure per surgery day is scheduled, the best results are created when undivided attention is given to each and every hair follicle.

If you are wondering if hair transplants are right for you, browse this section to learn about the procedure as well as the ideal candidate. The FAQ area contains answers to many questions you may have about hair transplants.

When you are ready for a consultation to discuss your hair transplants, submit an online consultation form or give us a call at 513-774-0400 to schedule an appointment.