How Laser Hair Removal Works

And Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Treatments

We all want easy and convenient, especially when it comes to our daily beauty routines. Throughout the history of hair removal, no one has ever said they love shaving and waxing and removing all that gnarly hair from their various body parts (yuk). Well, maybe they have but when they did, they were probably talking about that silky smooth feeling and polished look that comes after those annoying tasks.

But there’s an upside, permanently ridding yourself of body hair is much easier than you think thanks to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal can relieve you of that time-consuming routine, as long as it’s done properly. To that point, we want you to know how it works and get the most out of your treatments while also choosing the right place to go.

So, here’s the process in a nutshell…

When applied to areas for treatment, the laser detects pigment in the hair follicles. Energy from the laser travels under the skin to reach the bulbs. This heat cauterizes the bulbs, cutting off the blood supply that feeds the hair, prohibiting them from finishing out that particular growth cycle. Within 10-14 days the treated hair will fall out, leaving you with that silky-smooth skin you get immediately after shaving.

By doing this repeatedly with each new growth cycle (approximately 8 treatments spaced 8-12 weeks apart), the laser destroys the bulbs to the point of no return. Bye-bye pesky hair!

While this sounds nice and easy- and it can be, you also want to make sure that your treatment plan is designed and done correctly and efficiently in order to get the best results.

The amount of time between sessions varies depending on the individual’s hair, which is among many factors that determine the treatment plan.

Ultimately, however, it’s the experienced, licensed professional that needs to have the knowledge and capability to design a treatment plan that is customized to match your needs as well as your desired goals.

When choosing a facility for laser hair removal, you obviously want practitioners who aren’t just knowledgeable but also have your best interests in mind.

It’s easy for clinics to schedule your laser hair removal sessions at a more frequent interval and sit back and collect payment but doing this may not be in the client’s best interest depending on their hair growth cycles, skin tone and other determining factors.

While this may be an innocent mistake, it can cost you time, money and make your desired results more difficult to achieve. Efficiency is a big reason why many people choose, and love laser hair removal in the first place.