Laser Hair Removal Pricing

So you may have noticed that we list our prices for everything. We do that because we believe in transparency, but it doesn’t always work to our advantage. Competing practices may view our list and undercut us by running a “sale” either in-house or through a couponing website. Based on that, some may think we’re too expensive and take no further action. Other practices keep their price list a closely held secret and it is conspicuously absent on their website. Only after a lengthy sales pitch will the true cost be revealed. At Wolf Medical, we don’t use sales consultants. Your consultation will be with Kelly, our licensed Cosmetic Therapist. If you’ve been anywhere else for laser hair removal, you may wonder how our prices are so low. What’s the catch? Is it a gimmick? The answer is simple. We keep our overhead low by only offering laser a set number of days per month. That said, the schedule books up fast, so call us as soon possible to set up your appointment.

We sell and price laser hair removal by the session rather than require patients to purchase a package. We’ve found that requiring patients to purchase a package is simply cost prohibitive for many. We have also lowered our session prices by as much as 60% off the previously advertised rate.

Laser hair removal generally requires 8 treatments over a period of a little over one year to destroy the hair follicle and achieve desired results. Treatments are scheduled about 8 weeks apart.

Area Size Cost Per Session
X-Small $50 Ears, Glabella, Underarms, Bikini line, Upper lip, Side burns
Small $75 Abdomen (lower), Abdomen (upper), Back (patch), Neck (back), Neck (front), Brazilian / Bikini (full)
Medium $100 Arms (lower), Arms (upper), Back (lower), Back (upper), Chest (full), Shoulders
Large $125 Abdomen (full), Arms (full), Legs (lower), Legs (upper)
X-Large $175 Back & Shoulders, Legs & Feet, Chest & Abdomen


Wolf Medical uses lasers to remove hair all over the body. We are happy to discuss your unique needs. For areas not listed above, please call to determine a size category.