Dr. Scott WeldenDr. Scott Welden is a California native who moved to Cincinnati for medical school over 30 years ago. He attended University of California Santa Cruz for undergraduate and University of Cincinnati for medical school where he graduated in the top 30% of his class. Following medical school, Dr. Welden attended a four year residency in emergency medicine at the University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine and Trauma program.

After completing residency, Dr. Welden practiced Emergency and Trauma medicine for approximately 10 years. After 10 years in the emergency department, Dr. Welden decided to pivot his practice into aesthetic medicine. In 2005, Dr. Welden opened his first aesthetic practice on the eastside of Cincinnati where he specialized in facial aesthetics, leg vein treatment, and liposuction. He practiced there for several years before deciding to dedicate more of his practice to hair restoration.

Beginning in February 2021, Dr. Welden began training in hair restoration under Dr. Wolf. During this time, he learned state of the art hair restoration surgery from one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. In 2023, Dr. Welden joined with Dr. Wolf as an associate in the practice and now performs hair transplant surgeries on all new patients in the practice. Dr. Welden is a member of the International Hair Restoration Society (IHRS) and regularly attends CME events by that organization.

When not doing hair transplant surgery or aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Welden enjoys playing pickleball, basketball, and bicycle riding. He is an avid Peloton member who can be found on the leaderboard on any given night when the weather is too cold for outdoor cycling. Dr. Welden also enjoys scuba diving in Florida where he dives for megalodon shark’s teeth in Venice, Florida.