Below are two of the most common questions we are asked by patients about underarm laser hair removal.

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How long does it take?

underarm laser hair removal

As with any other area of the body, laser hair removal for the underarms can take approximately 8-10 treatments, each spaced out 8-12 weeks apart. At any given moment in time, 90% of the hair on the underarms could be in the shedding or dormant phase, meaning that it would be unaffected by the laser. This is why it is important to space the underarm treatments out 8 to 12 weeks apart to ensure that enough time has gone by to allow for sufficient treatable hair to come through in between treatments without missing a growth cycle.

Hair can only be treated by the laser if it is attached to the bulb and actively growing. Underarm hair can be attached to the bulb and actively growing for 16 weeks. To get the most out of your laser treatments, it is important to space them out correctly.

Can I wear antiperspirant/deodorant?

The use of antiperspirant/deodorant as well as lotions/creams should be avoided the day of treatment and 24 to 48 hours following treatment due to the potential of causing irritation to the skin. As always, remember to use caution when exercising or taking a hot shower after any laser treatment as this can trigger a histamine reaction and cause itching and irritation as well.