Wolf Medical is proud to provide Morrow, Ohio with top-notch laser hair removal services. We are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best results and experience possible. Our licensed laser technician will perform a FREE consultation to determine if the treatment is right for you. Your questions and concerns will be addressed and you will get an honest medical opinion regarding your goals.

How does laser hair removal work?

Our office uses the Candela GentleLase system. This process involves the application of laser light to the skin’s surface and converts it into heat in the hair follicle, effectively stopping future growth. Our treatments are applied with a laser light beam about the size of a dime and can take as little as five minutes or over an hour depending on the treatment area.

“Love the friendliness… Best laser removal around…it works…no tricks…it just works.”
-Jes J. via Google

How much does a treatment cost?

Our pricing structure is pay-as-you-go. Wolf Medical prices laser hair removal by the session rather than requiring the purchase of a package. Laser hair removal generally requires eight treatments over a period of a little over one year to destroy the hair follicle and achieve desired results. Treatments are most commonly scheduled eight weeks apart.

Area Size Cost Per Session (Cash/Check Price)
X-Small $50 Ears, Glabella, Underarms, Upper lip, Side burns, Chin
Small $75 Abdomen (lower), Abdomen (upper), Back (patch), Neck (back), Neck (front), Bikini (full)
Medium $100 Brazilian, Arms (lower), Arms (upper), Back (lower), Back (upper), Chest (full), Shoulders, Full Face (excluding neck), buttocks
Large $150 Abdomen (full), Arms (full), Legs (lower), Legs (upper)
X-Large $200 Back & Shoulders, Chest & Abdomen
Legs & Feet $250 Legs & Feet


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