Wolf Medical provides laser hair removal services in Maineville, Ohio. Our team of licensed laser technicians is dedicated to delivering the best possible results and experience for each patient. We offer free consultations, which are conducted immediately before the first laser session, provided that the treatment is suitable for you and you are ready for your visit. During the consultation, we will address your questions, while providing you with an honest medical opinion about the care that is right for you.

How does laser hair removal work?

At Wolf Medical, we utilize the Candela GentleLase system for laser hair removal. This technique involves the application of laser light to the skin’s surface, which is absorbed by pigment (melanin) and generates heat in the hair follicle. This process slows hair growth, eventually stopping it. Our Candela GentleLase leverages a laser light beam about the size of a dime, which is applied until the entire treatment region is covered. Depending on the area to be treated, each session may last anywhere from five minutes to over an hour.

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How much does a treatment cost?

The Wolf Medical laser hair removal pricing structure is pay-as-you-go. Our prices laser hair removal by the session, so patients are never pressured to purchase a package. In most cases, laser hair removal requires eight treatments over a period of a little over one year to destroy the hair follicle and achieve desired results. Treatments are typically scheduled about eight weeks apart.

Area Size Cost Per Session (Cash/Check Price)
X-Small $50 Ears, Glabella, Underarms, Upper lip, Side burns, Chin
Small $75 Abdomen (lower), Abdomen (upper), Back (patch), Neck (back), Neck (front), Bikini (full)
Medium $100 Brazilian, Arms (lower), Arms (upper), Back (lower), Back (upper), Chest (full), Shoulders, Full Face (excluding neck), buttocks
Large $150 Abdomen (full), Arms (full), Legs (lower), Legs (upper)
X-Large $200 Back & Shoulders, Chest & Abdomen
Legs & Feet $250 Legs & Feet


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