Welcome to Wolf Medical: Hair Loss Solutions

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Bradley R. Wolf. Our facility and staff, located in Cincinnati Ohio, are devoted exclusively to the treatment of hair loss. We use the latest advancements in pharmaceutical and surgical (FUE and strip hair transplant surgery) methods to provide our patients with the highest level of care and the best hair transplant results possible. Over 30% of our practice is devoted to corrective hair transplant surgery.

The Wolf Method:

Our practice exists to provide each patient with the best results and overall experience possible. We accomplish this by focusing on the individual.  We do not use sales representatives as many other clinics do.  Consultations are done with Dr. Wolf and typically last an hour. Your questions and concerns will be addressed and you will get an honest medical opinion regarding your hair loss. We always want what is best for the patient. Part of that is managing expectations. Not everyone is a candidate for surgery and for those few, Dr. Wolf will explain the various non-surgical options which may be available.

Each patient who schedules a procedure with us has the undivided attention of the medical staff on their day. We believe this single patient focus leads to better results, is more personable, and builds a better relationship with the patient and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Since 1990 Dr. Wolf has transplanted over one million hair follicles. Though the practice has grown, his commitment to the individual patient remains steadfast. He is personally involved in every aspect of the surgery from start to finish.  While many practices leave the task of graft placement almost entirely to medical technicians, Dr. Wolf believes that this is a critical step in the transplant process and personally places grafts alongside his assistants.

The relationship doesn’t end when the surgery is over; many patients have become friends of the office and periodically send photos of their hair growth, or just call or email to say hi. Few other practices exist that provide same level of patient focus, physician involvement and attention to detail. That is the Wolf Method and it’s why our standards are higher.

Dr. Wolf’s reputation for high quality and refined technique continues to attract patients from across the country and around the world for treatment of their hair loss. This and the very personalized, individual experience patients receive have led to celebrating over 20 years of the practice.

We understand the sensitive nature of hair loss and honor patients’ wishes for privacy. No one enjoys or looks forward to losing their hair. There are options and most can get it back. Call us at 1-800-900-GROW (4769) or if you prefer, submit an online consultation to Dr. Wolf.