Hair transplants are not limited to placement on top of the head. For those whose facial hair is thin or growth is uneven, facial hair transplants can vastly improve your ability to grow eyebrows or to grow a beard (a goatee, moustache, or sideburns).

Some patients voice concerns that their hair has never been thick enough in a certain area of the face; other times, hair loss is to blame. Facial hair transplants provide a solution to either problem, enabling specific follicles to grow where desired. Whether your absence of facial hair is due to genetics, acne scarring, or prior hair removal procedures, a facial hair transplant may be a viable solution.

The degree of coverage achieved with a facial hair transplant varies based on individual conditions and desired outcomes. The typical amount of grafts needed for facial hair is less than 1000. In some cases, additional procedures may be needed in order to achieve the desired density.

Facial hair transplants use donor hair from the back of the scalp. For the most natural looking results, grafts are placed at an angle that mimics the existing hair.

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