A special notice of concern from Wolf Medical:

When considering surgical hair restoration, be sure to ask who is making the incisions.

Only physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants can perform surgery in Ohio. That includes making an incision of any shape (including circular FUE punches), length, or depth. This applies to practices utilizing the ARTAS robot and NeoGraft as well. By law, operation of these devices to make incisions or punch FUE grafts cannot be passed onto assistants. One of the above licensed medical professionals must be at the controls anytime incisions are made. It is a felony for anyone other than the above licensed professionals to make incisions; linear or circular (FUE punches).

Here at Wolf Medical, we don’t use robots or take shortcuts to sacrifice real craftsmanship for the sake of expediency. It’s what we call “The Wolf Method” and it’s why our standards are higher. We encourage prospective patients to do their research, and believe that our dedication to physician care truly sets our clinic apart.

Thank you,
Clinic Staff of Wolf Medical